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This is a general knowledge of Personal Computer, Laptops, Technology devices, and more. This category features great knowledge an in-depth on technology and PC in general. Tech news, few tips, and tricks come under this category. More Windows tips and tricks come in this category.


Random Access Memory Of Computer RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM), is memory that computer uses to store unfinished tasks or events, such as a web page, a document you are typing, or data from an application. RAM stores all active...


Hard Disk Storage And Media Devices

Media devices saves and store different sizes of data. Almost all computers come with some sort of Disc drive. Modern computers come with DVD-RW (DVD-/+R). This gives a re-writable ability; CDs and...


Computer Peripherals – Printer Functions

A printer prints out information on a screen into a physical copy. This is known as "hard copy". The printer prints out in color, double-sided, or in book form. Cartridges are the costliest part of...


Computer Peripherals – Scanner Functions

Scanners convert captured images and text into computer-readable forms for ease of access to users. The scanner uses a light source that reflects off the image being captured. This information about...


Computer Peripherals – Mouse Functions

The mouse is an input device for moving a pointer symbol, called a “cursor” across the screen by dragging the physical mouse around a smooth surface. The most common layout of the mice have three...