Mobile Phones – Dangers and Prohibitions Using Them

Mobile Phones

Using mobile phones everywhere is good, but there are situations where you must give your phone a rest. Today, we take a look at places where your phone must observe some minutes of inactivity. Keeping to the rules ensure your personal safety and the safety of the environment you are in. Five places not to use your mobile phones are:

  1.  Avoid using a hand-held phone while driving a vehicle or motorcycle. For safety, park the vehicle before using your mobile phone.
  2.  The use of mobile phone may interfere with functions of some medical devices in hospitals and may cause danger.
  3.  For maximum safety, switch off your phone when refuelling your car. Always maintain the rules within Gas stations.
  4.  Restriction on the use of phones should be observed in chemical plants, fuel storage, fuel distribution areas or where blasting operation is in progress.
  5.  Use of phones in an aircraft may disrupt radio transmission and signals and may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft.

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