How To Record And Share Gameplay Video On The PlayStation 4 (PS4)

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Record PlayStation 4 video games and share on your favorite social media to show off your amazing feat or skill. PlayStation 4 includes some handy tools for creating and uploading gameplay clips online. It also saves video games automatically for faster previewing and sharing.

PlayStation 4 automatically saves the last 15 minutes of gameplay from your current play session. If you encounter an amazing gameplay moment that you didn’t see coming, you can still capture it on video and share.

Record, Save and Share PlayStation 4 Video Games

    1. Set Video Length: 

      First, hold down the “Share” button on your PlayStation 4 controller to open up the Share menu. Select the “set Video Length” menu. This is where you set how long the PlayStation 4 will record when you press the share button.Adjust video settings

    2. Start Playing Your Game: 

      You can start a new recording by using the Share button, which will record for the period you specified in the settings, or until you hit the Share button again. To record a video, press the Share button twice, in a fast way. (Double press share button). This starts the recording process. All your recording saves in the “Capture Gallery” folder on your PlayStation 4’s home screen.

    3. Save the last 15 minutes of video: 

      Your PS4 is always recording video; it just doesn’t save that video unless you tell it to. The last 15 minutes of your gameplay session saves in the PS4’s video cache. To save the last 15 minutes of game-play footage, hold down the Share button to use the Share menu. Then select “Save Video Clip” or hit the Square button. That’ll save the video to the Capture Gallery.
       Note: Do not double-press the Share button! That’ll start a new video recording from the moment you push the button on. Starting a new recording will delete the cached video. Save the last 15 minutes of video ps4

    4. Edit and Trim Your Videos: 

      Trim your clipYou can edit your clips using any of the following:

      a. Go to the Capture Gallery, highlight your video, and push the Options button on your controller to pull up a menu that includes the “Trim” option.
      b. Choose “Share Video Clip” from the Share menu, and you’ll access a screen with a list of social networks and video services.

      Pick the one you want to use to share your video. This takes you to the Share screen, where you can write a Facebook update or a Tweet, add a description of your video. You’ll find the “Trim” button at the top of the screen.  Trim buttonSelecting “Trim” allows you to remove some of the footage from your video file to shorten it. First, find the spot in the video where you want it to start by using the Directional Pad on your controller to scroll through a macro view of the video’s timeline.

      The timeline shows screen caps that represent small snippets of the video: You can increase or decrease the size of these snippets, changing how much of the video you skip over each time you hit the D-Pad. To change the length of the timeline, select the drop down menu that reads “10 Second Intervals“. You can increase this to 60 seconds, or bring it down to one second to be more precise.

      When you find the spot where you want your new shortened video to start, hit L2 to set the start point. From there, scroll forward along the timeline to find your end point, and hit R2. An orange box will highlight the portion of the timeline that will become your new video. The other sections will be deleted when you finish the edit.

      Use “Preview” button below the video timeline to watch your video. As the video plays, you’ll see a timer running on the right side of the screen and a cursor moving over the timeline. These can help you pinpoint when to start and stop your clip.

      Complete the trim, and your video will be saved to the Capture Gallery with the rest of your videos.

    5. Share Your Video: 

      Share your playstation 4 videoYou’ll need to connect your PlayStation 4 to your social media accounts to share your videos. Selecting a social network from the “Share Video Clip” menu will give you on-screen instructions for signing in. Customize the sharing options.

    6. Saving You videos to Your computer: 

      Save ps4 video to local storage First, plug your drive into one of the USB ports on the front of your PlayStation and navigate to the Capture Gallery. Select the video you want to transfer, then push the Options button. Using the menu that appears on the right side of the screen, select “Copy to USB Storage Device.”Copy ps4 video to USB device You can select which items you want to copy to your USB drive by pressing X. The images and videos you select will be marked with a large check in a tick box above each item. Select the ones you want to transfer, then move to the right-side menu and select “Copy”. Hit “Okay” on the next screen and everything you’ve will be transferred to your external drive.


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