SanDisk Increases MicroSD Card To 400GB Capacity

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SanDisk brand is yet again increasing the capacity of the tiny MicroSD card. In 2015 SanDisk produced 200GB MicroSDXC card, the biggest in the world at the time. In 2016, they increased the capacity up to 256GB which is the world’s fastest. And now Western Digital is setting another “world’s highest capacity” record with the introduction of a 400GB MicroSD card.

About Sandisk MicroSD Card Of 400GB

The SanDisk Ultra MicroSD UHS-I 400GB card is Class 10 rated and offers transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s. SanDisk believes it’s the perfect card for Android smartphones and tablets, and is capable of transferring up to 1,200 photos in a minute. If video is more your thing, then this giant card will hold up to 40 hours of HD quality video.

In November last year, the SD Association introduced Application Performance Classes for SD cards as part of the SD Specification 5.1. Cards already carry a Class rating, but that only guarantees a minimum sequential write speed. The new Application Performance Classes extends that to guarantee read and write Input-Output access Per Second (IOPS) performance, too.

This 400GB SanDisk card carries the A1 Application Performance rating, meaning as well as guaranteeing at least 10MB/s writes, the card achieves random read IOPS of 1,500, and write IOPS of 500. In other words, it’s a great card for loading your apps quickly.

Getting a device that comes with MicroSD slot is necessary. Most Personal computers come with an inbuilt Memory slot and an adapter. Buy a card reader from your local store. Use the Card reader to play the memory card on your PC.

The card should easily outlive your gadgets, and SanDisk ship each one with a 10-year limited warranty attached. However, purchasing the world’s highest capacity MicroSD card is certainly not cheap with SanDisk setting the MSRP at $249.99. Check out some online stores for purchase.

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