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Use Diskpart To Solve We Couldn’t Create New Partition or Locate an Existing One


Diskpart solves “We Couldn’t Create New Partition or Locate an Existing One” by formatting the hard drive into a bootable drive. If you try to partition your drive and install a different OS without upgrading, there is a 100% chance of running into this error. This is because, the drive holds the windows installation files. And it doesn’t want to ‘disturb’ such files. Still on the boot process, Diskpart will format and clean your hard drive for a successful installation.

we could not create new partition



Fix “We couldn’t create new partition or locate an existing one” Using Diskpart: 


  • This process formats your hard disk drive. You will lose all your files. If you don’t have a backup, STOP!
  • This method will help you create partition on your hard drive.
  • The best way to solve this issue is to use EaseUs Partition Master. It is the simplest and fastest way of partitioning hard disks. It comes with a whole lots of other tools. Use it if you don’t want to harm your files.

Step by Step Solution

  1. Step 1: Put your bootable USB or DVD and try to partition your drive for another custom OS installation. Note down the hard drive letter.
  2. Step 2: If you get an error, exit setup and click on Repair. On the dialog box, select Command Prompt. Command Prompt is where you enter commands to execute windows instructions. It has a black background and the texts are white.
  3. Step 3:  Enter “diskpart” from your keyboard.
  4. Step 4:   Enter “list disk” to see the number of installed hard disks on your computer. The disk number can be more than two, depending on the configurations from your manufacturer,
  5. Step 5: Enter “select disk O“. (Note: O is the hard disk you are trying to split.) Enter the number that matches with your drive.
  6. Step 6: Enter the following lines and hit Enter after each line: (Replace O with your drive name)
    disk O clean (Hit enter on your keyboard)disk O create partition primary (Hit enter on your keyboard)

    disk O active (Hit enter on your keyboard)

    disk O format fs=ntfs quick (Hit enter on your keyboard)

    disk O assign (Hit enter on your keyboard)

  7. Step 7: Enter “list partition” from the keyboard. Locate the partition on which you want to install Windows system and enter “select partition 1“. Remember to replace 1 with a number that matches your partition.
  8. Step 8: Enter “active“. This makes the partition active.
  9. Step 9:  Enter “exit” to close Command Prompt. Start the installation process again.

set active using diskpart


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