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Using Microsoft Windows Store Apps give users access to different applications, music, movies, TV shows, and books. It’s very simple and easy if you are running windows 10. Windows Enterprise LTSB does not come with Store. You shop for digital media on the Windows Store app.
For quality books, you will download Creators Update, from the Windows Update screen in Settings.

Open Windows Store from start menu, scroll down to the shortcut for Store and click on it. It opens, at the top of the window are the various product categories – Apps, Games, Music, Movies & TV, and Books. The store’s home page displays latest promotions and featured articles. You will find deals, special picks, and recommended items when scrolling down the home page.


Clicking the App menu displays mainly promoted apps. Scroll down to see different labelled categories. Use “Show all” link to display the full list of the apps in that category. Click on the left arrow before the word Store to return to the previous page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Apps page to see a list of app categories that you can click on and browse. Click on any app of your choice to either download for free, or buy if it’s a paid app.


Click on the Games menu at the top. The Games page pops up, highlighting a certain game or games. Scroll down the page and click on any game of your choice. Again, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see a list of game categories that you can browse.


Click on the Music menu at the top. Scroll down the page to see a list of recommended and popular artists and albums. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of genres. Click to download or buy any music of your choice. Simple!

Movies & TV:

Click on the menu for Movies & TV. Scroll down the page to see all the featured movies and TV shows. Click on a specific movie or TV show if you wish to buy it. It will then be accessible via the Movies & TV app.


Click on the menu for Books. Scroll down the page to see all the book titles. Click on a specific book that you want to buy. You can read those selections on any Windows 10 device with the Windows Creator update via Microsoft Edge.

Using Search Box:

Instead of browsing the different categories, search for an item by title or other criteria. Type a keyword in the Search field. The store displays a list of potential matches. You can click on one of the suggested matches or click on the Search icon to look for your item.

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